Demos and Page Load Times

There are three different demos.  All three are hosting the same fictitious ecommerce site that sells movies.  Using an Amazon AWS dataset, we loaded 4330 different movies into 21 different categories.  All are running on the same 512MB digitalocean VPS.

The Sites

A stock opencart installation.

Our fix for category product counts.

Our page level cache:

How Much Do These Fixes Help?

A simple test, timing only how long it takes to download the html of the page itself (just the page…no css files, images, etc)

Site First Page Load Average of Subsequent Page Loads (cached)
Stock Opencart 1.17 sec 1.12 sec
Category Count Cache 1.24 sec 0.37 sec
Add Page Cache 1.44 sec 0.18 sec

There’s not much difference on the first page load, as both of the improvements need the cache populated to work. The first page load is a bit higher for the improvements, as they have to store data in the cache on that first load. However, the benefits after the cache is primed are obvious.

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